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How to Recover Deleted Data from ADATA USB Flash Drive on Mac

/ Posted by Rlslee to USB Flash Drive Data Recovery

Hi, is there any way to retrieve deleted documents from an ADATA flash drive on a Mac? When I connected the 128GB ADATA USB drive to my Mac, I deleted folders that I thought were useless and emptied the trash. When I realized that one folder which was deleted contained an important word document, but everything was late and I didn't back up the ADATA flash drive files on my computer. How do I recover these files from my ADATA flash drive? Is there any online DATA flash drive data recovery for Mac solution? Thank you for your suggestions.

ADATA USB Flash Drive has excellent storage capabilities. It is commonly used to store and transfer a variety of data. Due to its ease of carrying and fast data transfer, it is popular with many people. However, many factors can cause data loss on the ADATA flash drive. When an ADATA flash drive is connected to a virus-infected system, it may be corrupted, data may be inaccessible or may be lost; ADATA flash drives may not be accessible when file system is corrupted; accessing/moving files from the ADATA USB Flash drive to the computer, if the ADATA USB Flash drive is suddenly removed, it may result in the loss of important files stored on it; plus, incorrect formatting/reformatting, using the same flash drive on different operating systems, accidentally deleting files, etc. can cause data loss on ADATA flash drives.

How to Recover Files from ADATA USB Flash Drive

Mac USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Pro is safe and efficient flash drive recovery tool that retrieves data from ADATA USB Flash Drive and supports data recovery due to accident deleting, formatting, lost partitions, virus attacks, and system crashes in different situations. It can recover documents, photos, audio, video, files, emails and more on your Mac.

Download and install this best ADATA USB Flash Drive Data Recovery for Mac software on your Mac, connect your ADATA USB Flash Drive to Mac, and then follow steps below to recover data on ADATA USB flash drive.

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Step 1: Run the Mac Recovery Tool

Select ADATA USB flash drive to start scanning.

Step 2: Recover Data

Check and preview found flash drive data. Please save the found files into a safe location on your PC rather than to your ADATA USB flash drive.